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Related post: Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 00:47:30 -0400 From: Charles Baudot Subject: Question of Time Part 1 PREFACE A QUESTION OF TIME3 by Charles Baudot 3 January 6, 1992 3 DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDYThe following is an TWENTY-THREE Chapter, Sexual Fantasy, story about my friends, Jason and Ryan.It is based on theories and scientific fact brought to light by my friend Nikola Tesla. Also, it is loosely based on some ideas brought about by George Orwell in his novel "1984". However, by observing life as we know it today, and reading the news and information magazines, the future is not that far off. Chicken Little just may be correct.Jason and Ryan live in a upside down world where everyone is considered a spy, free bbs vids unless you work for "The Company Store." There is all kinds of monitoring, brother is pitted against brother. Women are used for breeding only and are "doctored" to produce only boys. Our hero interfaces with Jason and Ryan, and feels that there is a better life in the past. This may just be the way to the future and the betterment of mankind, where a young life should be free to chose his preference, without coercion, but with gentle "parental" guidance.If you have any comments, please send them to:Charles Baudot C/O 4023 Northrop Street Richmond, Va. 23225Or call:(804)-233-3170Thank you all for taking the time dark bbs kds to read it .....................Charles =========================================================== A QUESTION OF TIME by Charles Baudot January 6, 1992 The following is a TWENTY-THREE Chapter Fictional, Sexual Fantasy, based on the real life works of actual scientific and literary greats' of this, our lifetime, as we know, or perceive it. =_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_ A QUESTION OF TIME By Charles underground teen bbs BaudotCHAPTERS 1-3\|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 1 \|/ \|/I was born in 1944, and lived a pretty sheltered life up until the time I started grammar school in 1949. With some introspection over the years, it seemed to me that life as I knew it, started down hill. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I can roll with the best of 'em. But there were certain trends I couldn't put my finger on. Let me try and explain.After the start of grammar school, I began to get concerned with the 3-R's and meeting new friends. It was a learning process, where you had your group of sophisticated kids that in reality were more shy than you were, but showed it another way, and you had your "teasers". These were the kids that may have caught on to some small incongruity you may have had in relation to them. Whatever the case, you had to deal with the life as you now knew it. That is, fit the mold the sophisticates wanted you to be, or be an all around Joe and the darkcollection bbs take the teasing and be able to give it back.I did just that. I strove to understand where the sophisticates were coming from, and I learned more about the "teasers" background and adjusted accordingly. My thoughts and deeds were being repressed. The "doctor" game I used to play with the kid next door, my thoughts and dreams of the years before, and even the time I stuck the hairpin in the electrical socket. This was a new experience...a new trauma, so to speak.I was five years old at the time. From year five upward, my life seemed to be, by some standards, normal. I had my share of punishment and rewards, as with most of the kids of my time, but when I started college, I began to realize that life, as I knew it, was not what it was supposed to be. Never once did it dawn on me, that my parents had come through a period of time with me, that was just as trying to them, as my future life on my own was going to be for me.It didn't come home to me until November 22, 1963, when the president of the United States was assassinated. G-Damn, who would do such a thing? Where are all the nuts coming from?I then began to hear all the finger pointing. The FBI was involved...NO. The CIA...or was it Castro? Maybe the "Mafia," whatever that is. In any event, it made me pensive. Along came "Son of Sam", Charles Manson, and all the other cooks in between. There was no let up. Life was becoming a real bitch.Sometime in the mid 60's, I picked up a copy of "Nineteen Eighty-four" by George Orwell. I read it cover to cover. What a frightening book?I was still in college and had not had any insight into the real world as yet. All my high school time was hairless girl models bbs spent in preparation for college, more for procedure and protocol, than actual knowledge. Actual knowledge there, was years behind. In fact, I had a textbook whose copyright was 1949. Granted, it was a technical book, and not much changes in the theory, but here it was the 60's and engineers were already finding out things that the textbook said couldn't happen.I figured at this pace, what would 1984 bring? Well 1984 came and went. There were definite changes in our society, yes, and it had its' share of weirdness, but it seemed to be more positive than the book made it out to be. There were only a couple of items that seemed to parallel the book somewhat. They were the things that eluded to our monetary system and the means of "keeping tabs" on you. Computers, and the use of your Social Security number, was widespread. Other than that, I could deal with it.Yeah, "I could deal with it."..."deal with it."...G-damnit, I couldn't. Here it is, the 90's, and I am hearing from people that I've never heard of, that don't know me from Adam, wanting this or that, all because I was some "number" in a computer somewhere. The "Privacy act of 19-whatever? BULLSHIT.In all fairness to you, I think I should back up a few years to 1987. In July of 1987, I made application to the F.C.C. (Federal Communication Commission) to take a commercial communications examination to obtain a license that would enable me to set up and operate a commercial broadcast station. A station, similar in nature, to which you listen, at work or play.I passed the test and obtained the license. Next, came all the legal work for frequency assignments, land use, transmitter sight, the whole nine yards. For advice, I joined SBE (Society of Broadcast Engineers). That organization had many members here in town that had been through the experience, and could advise me. Although I would be in competition with them as far as their individual stations were concerned, we were all just one happy family. The name of the game was to be as technically correct as possible in accordance with all rules and regulations set by the F.C.C.There was an individual that I met at one of my meetings, I'll never forget. Not that it's important, but his name was Jimmy Anderson. Just a young buck, comparatively, but super smart. Had he been 10-15 years younger....that's another story.Jimmy and I hit it off from the beginning. Although he was younger than me, we related to many of the same things. >From conversations with him over the years, and the bending of our elbow with the natives, at the local bar, I found out that he was a student of Nikola Tesla."Who," you say? Nikola Tesla. He lived to be 87 years old and was an Electrical Engineer. If it weren't for him, you would not enjoy some of the more modern electronic developments we know of today. Take my word for it. Anyway, ole' Jimmy studied Mr. Tesla's most obscure theories and calculations. Hardly a night that I would visit Jimmy for some reason or another, that he didn't have some new type of Tesla Coil he had built. This thing made all kinds of deafening noise and threw off all kinds of electrical sparks. It must have raised hell with all the neighbor's T.V. sets for miles around. Needless to say, I believe our respective radio station signals were being wiped out too. I gotta have a serious talk with that boy.One night, I was having transmitter problems at my station, and Jimmy came over with a few needed parts to help me get it back on the air. We talked about the problem and just about everything else under the sun. It wasn't long, though, that Jimmy brought up his friend Tesla. Obsession? Naw...not Jimmy. Good thing he wasn't into sex. And then again, maybe Tesla was his "sex".I got the transmitter back on the air and told the DJ to carry on as per normal, but watch his meters for any strange readings that might blow us off the air again. Jimmy and I took off for the local bar for a few drinks."Charles," Jimmy said. "How much power do you run over at your station?"In jest, I responded,"On a good day?""Yeah, dingbat, on a good day," came the reply."Oh...I'd say about One Hundred Thousand Watts Effective, why?"Jimmy had something up his sleeve, but I wasn't sure exactly what."Just wondering," he said. "Just wondering."It wasn't until we bent our elbow's a few more times at the bar, that Jimmy became a little more loose, and started to tell me what he had in mind. He wanted to explore a few more of Tesla's theories involving some kind of bullshit that was above my head. Jimmy needed a large amount of power to do this. I had to think about this when I was sober. Hell, who can think or talk technical in our loose state of consciousness?The next day was Saturday. I could sleep in for a while. There was a standby engineer at the station on the weekends that could handle most problem if they came up. I began to think about what Jimmy had dark bbs teenz been saying last night about what he wanted to do. In two weeks, it would be the end of the month. The F.C.C. required maintenance checks on the equipment, so instead of a 24 Hr. station, we would sign off the air Sunday night at midnight for a few hours to do them. Jimmy's station was a daytime only station and his time was flexible for that kind of a check. I phoned Jimmy and arranged the time for his needs after I did what was required in two weeks. Little did I know, that my life would never be the same again.Jimmy brought all his equipment over the night of the maintenance check and set up. After I was through with all I had to do, Jimmy guided me as to his needs. He wanted to have me feed the raw power teen bbs tpg of my transmitter into his equipment. I didn't think much of having all that RF energy floating around loose in my transmitter building. I would much rather have it go into the air where it was supposed to be. Well Jimmy convinced me to do it, and I diverted the transmitter energy to a makeshift connection into Jimmy's equipment."Ready?" Jimmy said.I just shrugged my shoulders and Jimmy started pushing buttons on a keyboard. He had constructed a platform with all the equipment on it, like a dais. Underneath, was a space of about eight inches, and then another flat piece of material like porcelain. I didn't think it could be that. Porcelain is expensive.Jimmy had me bring up power slowly while he pushed more buttons. There was a slight roar from the eight inch space. Then there was a bright light ranging in color from dark red to deep purple. For those of you that know anything about light, that's the entire visible light spectrum. No big deal, right? Wrong, moose breath.Jimmy pushed a few more buttons, and this platform, complete with power cables, shot straight up into the air to the roof of the transmitter building. Jimmy maneuvered the platform up and down, side to side, within the limits of the cables. I was shocked. What kind of device was this? Jimmy returned the platform to the floor and looked at me for a response. anal bbs toplist I couldn't do anything more than shrug my shoulders.I put all of the connections back on the transmitter and antenna, made one final safety measurement and locked the place up. The morning DJ would sign on by remote control from the studio. I'm going home for some sleep.Months passed and our respective duties kept Jimmy and me from contacting one another except at the SBE meetings. I hadn't thought about that night for a long, long time, until it was time for another transmitter maintenance. I had planned to replace some of the tubes in the transmitter. So the time came, and I signed off at midnight to begin work. I let the transmitter power supply drain down to a safe level and began to take it apart to replace the tubes, which really pissed me off. T'aint nothing simple to do these days. When I went along the wall where the tubes were stored, there were no tubes. I know I had spare tubes for the transmitter. It took four of them, and at $450.00 each, it's not a thing you want to be missing. Particularly, since it is a pain in the ass to replace them. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE TUBES?I looked around thinking I had my head up my ass and put them somewhere else. No. What about robbery? There were no signs of forced entry, and the building was alarmed. Besides who the hell would want them? They didn't fit any other transmitter in the area. and there were no valuable metals, to speak of, in them that you could get rich on. I just didn't know. Jimmy? Naah.I raised hell all around the station about the tubes. No one had seen them or knew anything about them. I was fit to be tied. I didn't want to do it, but come bonus time, about $2000 was going to lower the bonus level. Two days later, I went into the transmitter building to look for something else, and the missing tubes had returned, neatly stacked along the wall where I had them.This was bullshit. Somebody was playing fuck-fuck with me. I raised more hell around the station, really showing my high ass, French temper. But after a while, I calmed down and forgot about it. I had to stop and smell the roses for a while. I called my assistant manager into the office and told him it was his ball game for a month, I was going to take a vacation.I was able to spend some time with Jimmy and catch up on all the news of Nikola Tesla. I was relating the story of the tubes to him, when he got deathly white. I thought he was going to drop over any minute."Jimmy, Jimmy, what's the matter?" I said."Uh, uh, oh nothing, nothing," he said."Nothing, my ass!" I retorted. "You look white as a ghost.""I'm ok Charles...let's drop it and have a beer," Jimmy said.Out of the fatherly type love I had for the boy, I didn't argue. The beer sounded better anyway.\|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 2 \|/ \|/Let me jump ahead to December/January, 1988/89. My station had been on the air for a little over a year now. The bugs had worked themselves out and the system ran smoother. Jimmy had beat my ear so much about Nikola Tesla, that I started to pick up an interest. I'm the type of person that makes sure he has it right, before letting anyone know what he's up to. I had ordered many books on Tesla and his theories. From reading all the material, and making first hand observations with Jimmy's setups, I was able to put together some powerful conclusions. One of which was "be damn careful." I only wish I had heeded my own rule on the subject.I began to construct variations of Tesla's apparatus using more contemporary parts and applying his theories a little bit differently. One night, I had started up one of these experiments with a variation in procedure. There were the usual grunts and groans from the stress on the equipment, plus all the arcs and sparks. I remembered that I had left the shop stool in the magnetic field surrounding all the equipment. I donned my welder's goggles and turned to watch the show. Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of light and a loud pulsating, low frequency noise.I thought something had blown, because everything shut down. I took my glasses off and went to shut off the main power to replace the fuse.....the shop stool was gone. I had to get out of the area. All of that energy was affecting my brain. I didn't imagine the stool had disappeared, it had. bbs land It was flat gone. Shit. I'm going to bed.The next night, I was out in the shop again to look for damage. I couldn't find any, but I couldn't find the shop stool either. While I was looking at some wires leading to the control panel, I heard a sharp crash behind me. I jumped about two feet in the air. I hadn't been that jumpy since Viet Nam. I turned around quickly to see what the hell, and just about passed out. The shop stool was there, on the floor, lying on it's side, behind me, 24-Hrs. later than the yesterday.My nerves were shot. I went into the house and called Jimmy."Jimmy!" I said. "Get your hind parts over here, I need to see you.""What's the matter, Charles?""Well," I said. It's something related to your friend Tesla. I haven't told you all that I've been doing lately, so it's time to catch up."Jimmy came over in a very short time. I brought him up to date on everything I've been doing with all the experiments. Then I told him what had happen last night and tonight.After a beer, Jimmy finally spoke."Thank goodness that has happen to someone I know. I have not been fooling with any of that kind of thing for a few months now. I began to miss things like you did, and I thought it was all of that energy around all the time, getting to me.""What do you think is happening, Jimmy?" I said."Whatever it is," Jimmy said, "we had best leave it alone. The only thing I can think of is that you sent it 24-Hrs. further into time.""Bullshit," I said. That's strictly something out of Hollywood.""Think about it." Is all Jimmy had to say.We sat around, had a few more beers, and talked technical for a while, then Jimmy got up to leave, I went to bed and "thought about it".The next day, I took off from work early and headed straight for my workshop. I checked all the connections and wires so that I could duplicate the experiment. I set up a video camera and recorder with a timer and large battery supply. I put it all on a table and focused the camera on a wind-up day/date clock. Then I reset the controls and pushed the start button.There was the brilliant flash of light and the low frequency pulsating noise, of before. But this time I watched in amazement as the table, with all the equipment, vanished into thin air. I hope that the energy from the apparatus didn't mess up the electronics in the video camera.I set up an alarm in the shop to go off in the house if anything returned during the night. It may have been a waste of time, but you never know.I returned to the workshop the next evening, what would have been near the 24-Hr. time period. It didn't take long. Exactly 24-Hrs. to the minute, the table with all the equipment returned. Thinking back on this, I believe Jimmy was not telling me all he knew on the subject. He had done something, or seen something, that freaks him. That should have been my cue. But, noooo. This old hard headed Frenchman didn't take the hint. Anyway, I reached over and pushed the stop button and retrieved the tape from the recorder. The timer had done its'job. Some tape was on the take-up side of the cassette, and had been still running. The timer had been set to start the tape every two hours and run for two minutes.I put the tape into the video player in the house, rewound it to the beginning and pushed play. At first, the clock, with the day and time, came into view on the screen. This was Wednesday, 7:30 P.M. It was before I started the experiment. I know it was P.M. One couldn't tell from the clock. In a few minutes, the picture flashed at me and the sound had the low frequency noise I have observed. The picture rolled, jumped around, and then cleared. The next image was the clock again. This time, there was still 7:30 on the dial, but the mechanism had advanced to Thursday. Thursday? Had to be a mistake. Bullshit. I continued to watch the clock, as it were, until I heard the tell tail sound of pulsating low bbs teen pfoto frequency. There was a sudden flash of light on the screen. Then I heard from the tape, foot falls, and me mumbling. The image on the screen was of me reaching for the stop button on the recorder. The image quit at that point, and I pushed stop on the player.I still wasn't quite sure what had happened. I needed to duplicate the event again. This time, I put a radio tuned to my radio station in next to the clock, and set the recorder in motion again. The next night, I waited for the return of my equipment from "wherever". If I figured correctly, Friday's evening programming would be on the beginning of the tape. I recorded a similar interval of the station's Thursday night programming to compare with. I had the standby engineer record intervals of Friday's program.I got the chance to compare all the tapes on Saturday afternoon. The tape from the Thursday/Friday experiment compared with the tape from Friday's tape that my standby engineer recorded. What had I done? Did I send something "into time" like Jimmy said? Perhaps he was right. Jimmy knew something and wasn't telling. H.G. Wells and Nikola Tesla should have been together at one time. My way of thinking, they had been. Where did old H.G. get his ideas?September, 1989 found me putting together a lot of equipment and plans to expand my theory. The setup looked like something out of a Hollywood movie set. I had all types of safeguards for possible errors. I'm going to go on a trip into the future.\|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 3 \|/ \|/October, 1989, Friday the twentieth. I stood on a platform and started a sequence of events that would lead to the bright flash of light and the low frequency sound. I had more gadgets and dials on the console that would rival the cockpit of a small plane. It was now or never. I set the dials and went for it."Uh, God, UHH."I was hit with a blast of energy that shook me to my very fiber. I almost passed out, but I held on to the safety hand rails and remained up right. The noise stopped and my head stopped spinning. I looked around to get a reference. It seemed that I was still in my shop.What day was it? What time was it? I went into the house to get the newspaper. Tuesday, October 24, 1989, was the date under the masthead. I looked at the clock. childs models bbs Five minutes had passed from my starting time. I went back into the shop and looked at the controls on my apparatus to see if they were accurate. I deduced that they were. For my next trick, I wanted to try bbs cp dark get back to Friday, October 20Th. I prepared myself for the blast of energy and set the controls."BOOM!"The smoke cleared, and I was still in the shop. I went into the house to get the paper. Friday, October 20, 1989 was the date under the masthead. "Damn," I was back home, but I felt like hell. I felt my forehead for a temperature, took two steps, and passed out. What the hell is going on?Several months passed. I had forgotten about my little fainting spell. I threw it off, saying it wasn't anything but my thyroid acting up. I hadn't taken my medication teen sexy bbs that day, like a dumb ass. I was too obsessed with ideas and plans about my new project. It was hard to keep my mind on my work at the radio station. Every day, the words of George Orwell's book "Nineteen Eighty-four", played on my mind. I had to see the future. I wanted to be prepared for my future, anyway.Maybe that was selfish on my part. What if I saw something I didn't like, then come back to 1989, or whenever to change the course of events? cp hardcore bbs This is not right. I couldn't go backwards, either. It would affect my life as I know it, too. I would have to restrain myself. Take my lumps, as they say.JULY 27, 1990 - Friday Morning.I went to work as usual, to prepare for the month's end maintenance checks on Saturday/Sunday. Jimmy is planning to come over to help me. I wanted to ask him as many questions about his experiments with his friend Nikola Tesla, without tipping my hand as to what I was doing. I wasn't trying to hide anything from Jimmy, but I loved the boy in a fatherly sort of way. I didn't want to see him in pain, as in the times before that we talked about the disappearing articles. He was frightened about something.The maintenance went well. I had no major parts to replace in the transmitter and we will still on our exact assigned frequency. Jimmy was in good spirits that night. I didn't ping on him too much about his experiments, it was casual talk. We closed up the transmitter building and headed for an all night bar to cap off the evening. After two or three beers, we went our separate ways, home.I woke up about 4:00 P.M. Sunday afternoon. I took a shower, got dressed and fixed something to eat. Today was going to be the day. I was going to try for a week, or a month, away on my platform."WAIT!" I said out loud. "This can't work."The longer I thought about it, the more I backed out of the whole idea. I couldn't occupy the same space at the same time. If I went a month ahead, then my "month ahead" self, had to be somewhere else. I'll bet that's why I passed out that time in October. That's what Jimmy was so afraid to talk about. I had to check into this further.I contemplated the idea long and hard. I made the underground bbs pedo decision to go one hundred years forward. I wouldn't be around, that's for sure, so I could occupy the space I would have, if I had been living. Make sense?....Clear as mud?....I thought so too.August 6, 1990 - Monday EveningI came home from work, got into my old clothes, and went into the workshop. I check and double checked my equipment to make sure it was stable. I made sure all indicators were accurate with my calculations. I set up a homing beacon so that I could set the equipment to seize so I wouldn't wander all over creation. Friday was set to be the day. A day I wouldn't forget. Friday, August 10, 1990, the day I was to step through the door, the "door into my summer."I continued to work on my project, every evening, after work. Each night brought a small refinement to the project. The final day, Friday, had arrived. I couldn't wait to get home from work.6:00 P.M. Friday, August 10, 1990.After securing my house keys, wallet, pocket change and a small pocket knife, in a safe located under the work bench, I stepped onto the platform, secured myself into my operating position, and gave all systems the final check. For 100 years, I had calculated each setting of the dials, and what each display should be displaying. It was now or never...Go for it, bitch."BOOM!"Flashing lights like you wouldn't believe. Timothy Leary, look out. You've never seen such a display. It's a good thing I wore free sex movies bbs safety goggles and ear plugs.The whirring noises and flashing lights stopped. I looked at the computer on the platform and it was still operating. The digital indication displayed "08-10-2090 / 18:00:30...31...32....Hrs." I pinched myself on the ass to wake up..I was dreaming. No I wasn't. I looked around to get a perspective. I was in my shop, but the roof had holes in it, and so did most of the walls. Cobwebs were all around, and the floor had years of dust on it. Years of dust, except for a small path from the door to one corner of the structure.I cut the power to my apparatus and stepped down off the platform. Then I went over to a window to peek out at the surroundings."Holly shit!" I exclaimed.The city has expanded to within mere blocks of the structure. Tall buildings, relatively new looking and quite futuristic. George Jetson would had been at home here. Directly outside, where my house would have been, was an open field. All the neighborhood had been removed. Behind the structure, was a large hole filled with clear water. Rain water, I guessed. There were tools hung on the wall that I never owned. Apparently the shop, as I knew it had been used as a work shed for someone. Well, that's progress. Night would be on me soon, so I looked around and spotted a tarpaulin. I applied a slight amount of power to my platform, to aid me in moving it over to one corner, threw the tarpaulin over it, cut power, and set upon investigating my space.I looked around the entire space. My bukkake photo bbs burglar alarm control was dangling along the wall by its' wires. It looked as if it hadn't been used in a while. Some of the power receptacles had been removed and the bare wires just hanging out. The place was in shambles. Among the trash on the floor, I found a pair of Jockey style underpants. They looked as if they were the size to fit a 11-12 year old boy. Maybe they belonged to the former occupants of the house that was here at one time.I could hear sirens off in a distance, but getting closer. I heard a low flying aircraft overhead. Then I heard voices approaching the door to the shop. Young voices. I ducked behind the tarpaulin over my platform and settled asian elwebbs my nerves."Quick...in here," one voice said."God, I hope they don't catch us," said another.About that time, the door flew open and was then slammed shut. The only other thing I heard was the shuffling of feet and the out of breath pants of two young kids.The aircraft noise continued for hours. I had heard other noises too. Sirens and vehicle doors slamming. There were other voices, too. Angry voices, of what seemed to be, large male adults. I hope they don't think about looking in here. The panting for air of these two kd bbs kids would give them away, even if the stirred up dust on the floor, wouldn't. Quiet kids, quiet.It seemed to be about twenty minutes later, and the noise from the aircraft went away. All the sirens had stopped, but the young visitors were still in the shop, with me behind the tarpaulin. Get out kids......I gotta peee."Hey Ryan, we'd better stay here until it's dark, don't you think?" I heard one of the kids say."Yeah, I think so, Jason," the other kid said.Well I know their names, let me see what they look like. Did I dare to move? It looked as if I could move the tarp, just enough, to get one eye out and look.I moved the tarp back, ever so slowly, and looked toward the door. Luck was with me, because the tarp didn't make any noise or fall off the apparatus, to alert the kids.They were at the edges of the door, still shaking from the ordeal, and peeking out of the window, which had been painted over about two thirds of it. Well I didn't paint it when I had the building. Anyway, I didn't know which one was Ryan or which one was Jason, but it didn't matter. They were both beautiful boys of, in my estimation, about twelve years old. ---------------- "A QUESTION OF TIME" CONTINUED CHAPTERS 4-6 ------------------ \|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 4 \|/ \|/I heard the door open. I peeked out from the tarp to look. It had gotten dark and the moon was full, up to about 40 degrees. It was indicating to me that it was about 9:00 P.M."Let's go, Jase," I heard one kid say. "We can go get our stuff and come back here and sleep.""Yeah, they wouldn't come back here. This place was only a tool shed for the guys that were working on filling that hole from the cave in. It must go all the way to China," said the other kid."I guess that's why they quit messin' with it, huh, Jase?">From the difference in their voices, I was beginning to figure out which boy was Ryan and which was Jason. Although I had not seen either one talk, propagation of the tones told me that Ryan was on the left, and Jason was on the right. When I first looked from behind the tarp, it was daylight. The one I perceived to be Ryan, on the left, was about 4-1/2 feet tall, with blond hair and light, but tanned complexion. I didn't b d bbs sites see the eyes. Jason, on the right, was about 5 feet tall, with dark brown hair and a more olive/tanned complexion. After all, it was summer. I would expect them to have a tan of some kind. Both boys wore wearing the same style of clothes. It looked like a uniform of some kind. White, one piece, tight-fitting, and seamless. You could see a five digit number stenciled across one shoulder. They had perspired while running here, and the uniforms were wet and clinging even tighter. The contour of their underwear and cute butt was evident. They had Jockey style, white briefs underneath their shorts. I'm glad to see that the "Tight Whites" were still around in 2090 A.D. ... And their butts'...yes, they were just the correct firmness I desire.The kids wandered out into the moonlight toward the city. If anybody were watching the building, they would see those kids for sure. The white of their clothes would bring attention upon them.I watched the kids until they got out of sight and stepped out from behind the tarp. What were they saying about the hole behind the shop? I went out to look at it, but there wasn't much I could see in the moonlight. I unzipped my fly, reached for my hurting penis, pulled it out for a well deserved peee. In 1990, there had been a creek behind the house. There was also another house in sight of mine, that wasn't there now. In fact, I had a clear visual shot to the buildings of the city. There was no more Hill Park, there were no more green trees, nothing. Just my work shed, barren land, and a hole full of water. Shit!With this moon, I wasn't going to venture into the city just yet. I went behind the tarpaulin and curled up on my platform to get some rest. That was more comfortable than sitting at the command console, upright. I snore like a boar hog, so I hope the kids don't come back and hear that. It would scare them off, or I would be discovered at a disadvantage. Hmmmm, teen bbs pic don't want that.I hadn't slept but a few hours, before I woke myself up with a snort. It was a good thing, too. The kids were returning. I could hear the Ryan voice chattering about something. Apparently, they had almost been discovered again by whatever authority wanted them, in the city. The Jason voice was laughing about the entire situation. Under the circumstances, these kids were not clear thinkers. They were impulse thinkers. To go out on a full moon wearing white, when people were after you, was a little ballsy, to say the least.The door to the shop opened and closed. I peered around the tarp to watch. The kids had two lit fluorescent lanterns, plus gym bags and sleeping bags. In 1990, I had a katsumi fan bbs sleeping bag too. It was stored in this shop, if I'm not mistaken. I'll have to look in the daylight, if these kids leave again. It was in the rafters over the door, I think.I could hear the noise of zippers being unzipped, things being taken out of bags, etc. The boys were settling in for the night, it seemed."I don't know about you, Jase, but I'm beat," said Ryan."Geese, me too," said Jason. "We need to stay here for a while. They'll be looking for us for a long time."What did he mean, "they"? Who?I heard them roll out the sleeping bags and get into them."G'nite Ryan," Jason said."G'nite Jase," responded Ryan.I heard a small click, and the light from their lanterns went out. I sat there, behind the tarp, like a guardian angel watching over the boys, ready to spring into action, should any harm threaten them. Really it was from fear of falling asleep, snoring and scaring the hell out of the kids, before I even had the chance to see them naked. Naked? What brought that up? Yes. I felt I would get that chance. I could feel it in my bones. This was "my" shop building, so they were trespassing. Yes, that's it, trespassing....he, he, he. Naked. What a deserving punishment.The hours slowly passed, and daylight was just breaking through the darkness. The sound of an aircraft approaching, brought me back to the true awareness of my situation. I listened to the sound of its' engines. It was a strange sound, but definitely an aircraft. The sound got higher in pitch as it approached, and lower in pitch, as it went away. The aircraft didn't stay around. I assumed that it wasn't one of those aircraft from yesterday. I heard one of the kids stir and pass gas, but other than that, the aircraft didn't bother them.It began to get lighter and lighter from the sun rising in the East. General noise, from the direction of the city, began to filter across the barren land to the shop building."Hey Ryan! Wake up!" said Jason. "It's morning.""Huhzzz..wha..UH!""C'omn, sleepy head," Jason prodded again."Uh, yeah g'mornin, Jase," Ryan said.I could tell that Ryan was still groggy. Even with a sleeping bag, the hard floor of the shop, must have stressed him. There were the sounds of general stretching and yawns from both of the boys. I wished they would stop. It was making me yawn and wish for sleep. I felt it was going to be a long day behind this tarp.I had a startling realization. What was I going to do for food? There were the other body functions I had to worry about also. Eventually, I would have to make this a team effort. I would have to confront Ryan and Jason. We would be on the "lam" together. I would need to go into the city for daily body functions, at least. I got the feeling, though, that it wouldn't be too wise in daylight."What do we have for food, Jase?" Ryan said.I heard Jason rummage in a gym bag. In younger girls bbs a few minutes he said,"How bout this?"I didn't know what "this" was, but apparently, both boys enjoyed it. I could hear the sound of a paper material being balled up in mere seconds of the question, "how bout this?" The next thing I knew, something hit the tarp with a thud. I must have jumped a foot. Damn it. One of the kids must have thrown the paper material at the tarp between me and them. I must not have made any noise, because they went on to chat and joke with one another.It was August. It didn't matter if it was 1990 or 2090. This was Richmond, Va., East Coast, U.S.A. It was about 90 Degrees Fahrenheit, and just about as much humidity, before 10:00 A.M. It was getting hot under this tarp. bbs communications I didn't dare move and scare the kids, but I did manage to unbutton my shirt."Say, Jase?" Ryan said. "What say we go swimming in the water back there?""I guess we need a bath after last night, huh Ryan?" Jason retorted."Yeah, My hands are all messy from that sandwich. Besides I feel sticky all best teen bbs bbs over," said Ryan."Last one in is a twerp," Jason said.I could hear the mad rush to get their clothes off and head for the water. From my vantage point, I couldn't see this happen, damn it, but I kept watch on the door they would have to go through, to the water. I heard the smack of an open hand on fatty tissue, as if one of the boys smacked the other."HEY!...no fair," Jason said, laughing.Ryan was laughing, too. He was the first boy to the door. Ryan was naked. Not a stitch on. He had his back to me, so all I could see was his little tight, white, un-tanned, hiney. He open the door and ran out. Jason was right behind him, naked too. Like a flash his cute, un-tanned, bubbly butt, was out the door, and out of sight. I heard two splashes in the water behind the building. A few seconds later, I could hear the friendly exchange of;"Twerp, Twerp, Twerp...Not...Not...Not."and then some splashing and horseplay. Well that's one thing a hundred years hasn't changed, kids still play russian loloita bbs in watering holes.I ventured out from behind the tarp to get some "fresh" air. I went over to a hole between the boards of the wall that was facing the hole with the water. My front teen bbs banned end rose to attention, while I watched Ryan and Jason frolicking in the cool clear water, naked.I couldn't do anything about it now. I had things to do. I went over to where the boy's clothes were. I picked their underpants out of the pile and carried them back to the platform. Then I continued to watch the boys amateur petite teen bbs play, until they started up the bank and out of the water. I watched them walk toward the shop. This time, the front of their naked bodies was in full view. Both boys' major attributes were swinging in the breeze. It wasn't much of a swing, the cool water had shrunk them a little, but I could guess their age more accurately, now. Both Ryan and Jason are twelve years old. No doubt about it. Their testicles were still close to their body and the penis was a cool inch and a half, I guess. But, when warmed up, and relaxed, I guess their attributes would be a normal four, or so inches and their scrotum would hang just a little further out.I watched the boys tug on their front ends and shake the water out of their ears. Ryan pulled a few times on his penis, and it began to stretch out and take shape. Jason did the same. Both boys were natural. They had not been circumcised. I wonder if that practice had stopped, or it was coincidence? The boys turned and sat down on a small grass patch on the edge of bbs porn page the water hole, and laid back, face up, in the sun. They talked a few minutes, then stood up and came towards the shop. I quickly jumped behind the tarp, watched, and waited.Jason was first through the door, then Ryan. As they got out of my sight near their clothes, I counted the seconds to when they would discover their underpants were missing. One...Two...Three...Fou..."Where are my underpants, Jason? What did you do with them?" Ryan said."I don't know," Jason said."Well you were the last one out the door," Ryan said."If that's true, where are mine?" Said Jason.I could just imagine both boys, naked as jaybirds, looking at one another in disbelief. I wonder how long it would take them to see the footprints in the dust that didn't belong to them? How long would it take for them to put two and two together and follow the dust trail to the platform? Not long. "Looking for these, boys?" I said, as the tarp was pulled back from the platform.Ryan and Jason allowed their mouth to open and gasp, simultaneously. I was standing there, in front of two naked boys holding their cute, white, Jockey style, underpants that covered their cute un-tanned butts', in my hands.Ryan and Jason quickly placed their hands over their genitals from the shock of seeing me, fully clothed, in front of them. I gave out a little laugh at that. They had the chance to run, but where were they going, naked? They didn't have time to go for their clothes and run out the door. I would have blocked it. Naked Ryan and naked Jason just stood there, looking at me. Ryan, with his blue-green eyes, and Jason, with his bedroom black eyes, wide open in the shock."Wh wh we didn't do anything, mister!" Exclaimed Jason, looking around the building at its' condition of disrepair."We just went swimming in that water hole back there," Ryan said, pointing with his head toward the hole."What are your names, guys?" I said, as if I didn't know."Jason," said Jason."Ryan," said Ryan. "What are you going to do to us?""Just relax, fellows'. It's ok, you're safe," I said. "Which of these belong to whom?"I held the underpants up, one pair in each hand."The one in your left hand is mine," Ryan said.I stepped down off the platform and sat back down on it in front of the boys."Ok, Ryan," I said. "Turn around and back up here to me.Ryan hesitated, but did as he was told. I watched intently as he turned and bared his little, cute hiney. He did not know what to cover first. He brought both hands around to try and cover his crevasse. Then he switched bdsm tgp bbs to cover his front end. Next, he put one in front and one in back. Modest little kid, isn't he? I had to laugh a little, to myself about that."Relax Ryan," I said. "I'm not going to bite you. Drop your hands to your side and step into your underpants."Ryan backed up to about a foot away from my face. His cute butt was just inches from my face. I almost kissed him there. I pulled his underpants up and into place over bbs free taiwan porn his pelvic area."Now you, Jason," I said.Jason had not tried to cover his crevasse. In fact, he had relaxed the hold he had on his genitals, and stood there watching, intently, while I dressed Ryan. Jason backed up toward me, and I put his underpants on him, as I did Ryan."Now, fellows'," I said, "get dressed. We need to talk."I had them get dressed, because I wanted them to feel relaxed around me. There would be other opportunities to be naked, for all of us.I watched them dash for their clothes and complete dressing. Finally I broke the ice and told them my name."I'm Charles, by the way. I own this building. I just wanted to look at the damage to it, that I had heard about."I actually lied a little, but so what, for the moment?"Honest mister, we weren't doing anything," said Jason. "We didn't do all that."Jason pointed to the paint on the glass in the door, and the holes in the weather board."I didn't think you did," I said, "but you were here. Lucky for you, that this is old damage. How old are you two?""We both just turned twelve," Jason said.Twelve. I was correct in my judgement of their age. How bout dat?"Where did you come from?" Ryan said. "We didn't see anybody.""I came in while you two were swimming," I lied. "When I heard you coming in, I ducked behind this tarp, pointing at it. And you? Do your parents know you are playing in a safety hazard?"There was a look of mistrust on the boys' faces. I didn't know if I was going to get a lie, or what. They looked at one another, and then back at me."Look, boys," I began, "I'm not going to march you back to them. I was a kid once. I know what it is to explore new things and skinnydip in the old watering hole."I started to say more, but I was interrupted by Jason."You look funny," he said. "I...I mean, your clothes. They don't look like TRAC clothes.""TRAC?""Trace Recovery And Control," Ryan said."Bbu..but, they're so old," Jason said. "You're not from here. Are you?""No," I lied, "I'm from Petersburg."Now the kids were getting smart xxx russian bbs girls with me. They wanted to know how I got over to the shop, and where my vehicle was, on and on. I made up as much as I could. I think I made them more suspicious, because I used terms to describe streets and buildings, they hadn't heard.Ryan turned to whisper something in Jason's ear. I couldn't hear much, but I did hear the word "marker".Can we see your arms, Charles?" Jason said.Both boys came over to me, grabbed my arms and turned them outward, to look at my wrists'."Hey Jase, no marker.""None on this side either, Ryan."I pulled my arms away from them, and stood my ground."It is I, that should be looking at you, trespassing on my property. What the hell are you looking at on my arm?"Ryan turned his arms outward and pointed to his left wrist. There was a metallic-looking tag, surgically implanted in Ryan's wrist. Jason had one also. The tag had a series of lines on it, similar to the bar codes on packages, etc."How did you do that?" Jason said."Do what?" I said."Get rid of your I.D.," said Ryan pointing to his arm."I never had one like that," I said."Everybody has one," Jason said. "You can't go anywhere or do anything, without an I.D."Ryan chimed in with,"They can find you, anytime they want to you.""Who is they?" I said."TRAC," both boys said in unison.I thought a minute. Why hadn't these kids been caught yet. I'll have to ask."Well, if that's true," I said, I don't see them looking for you, if "they" are so much in control."I knew that these kids bbs forum teen pussy were on the run. Something told me that they knew more than they are telling me. I let them know that also. So, when they finally leveled with me, I volunteered my service to them. I still did not tell them I was from another time....Yes, I was untruthful on purpose, temporarily. I guess the kids didn't have the need to know, yet.Ryan and Jason were running away from the system, it seemed. They had been placed in a special school/orphanage when they were eight years old. Their father parent had been arrested for some reason, and taken away. They hadn't seen him since. The I.D. in their wrist, had been done at birth. At the beginning of 2025, every person in the country was identified by a special digital code. Computers were utilized to keep track of everyone. All goods and services were monitored by use of the I.D. number. There was no monetary system, as I knew it. It was a universal credit/debit card type of system. The scanning devices connected to the computers, detected your every move."How about your mother," I said. "Where is she?"They both looked at each other and back at me, saying in lo kds bbs unison,"Mother?"I didn't know if they were trying to mess with my mind, or not, but it certainly was nudist teen bbs board a strange response. I let it slide for the moment, and continued on with the questions."How is it you haven't been super bbs nude detected?" I asked."It must have been that day we almost got struck by lightning," Ryan said. "Ever since then, we have been watched more closely.""Yeah," Jason said. "Our number didn't register, our teachers were reporting us absent, and we were sitting there in front of him. Now they know we're missing, and they want us back.""Why?" I asked.Both boys got quiet. Something shook them up. These kids were like me, in a way. I would always see how much I could get by with, so as to confuse the adults."Does it have something to do with the orphanage?" I asked. "Are you being mistreated?"Something wasn't right. I needed to get into town and look around. From the look on their faces, Ryan and Jason had hinted that conditions at the orphanage were not the best. The fatherly love for my fellow "man" took control of my mind. It was now necessary to right the wrongs'."Look kids, I want to help you two," I said. "Where naked bbs forum is the orphanage? Who runs it? I'll go and talk to them.""NO! You can't do that, Charles," Jason said. They will get incest bbs adult you. I mean, your clothes, they're so different...and.""And what?" I said."...and they will hurt others' to get the truth out of you," said Ryan.Sound like mean people to me. I felt as if the boys were telling me a story from experience."Ok, then. How about I wait until dark, then take a look for myself?""It would better your chances," said Ryan. ------------------------------------------- \|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 5 \|/ \|/Ryan and Jason were crafty little buggers. They acted as if they had been on the run for years. Ryan suggested that he go into town and find a set of clothes that will fit me."What size things do you wear?" Jason said.I listed off the measurements and Ryan made mental notes. >From then on, it was just small talk. We talked about general things, including as much about their family, they could remember, friends, and the games they played, thoughts about girls, etc. I wanted to get to know them better. An old friend of mine once said, that you learn more with the top half of your face open, and the bottom half, shut. I think he was correct. Ryan and Jason told me their life history, as if they had known me a long time. But, they eluded the girl subject. I was beginning to wonder if any hot young bbs biz were around.I had located my old sleeping bag, still stuck in the rafters above the door. It would be dry rotted by now, I would have thought after a hundred years, but the synthetic Innocent teen bbs material it was made of, kept it together. Since I had been up most of the night, I flattened the old bag out on the floor of the platform and stretched out for a nap. I watched the kids do the same. We needed rest for the night's activities.When I woke up a few hours later, it was almost dark. A beautiful, golden, yellow moon had just started to rise in the East. Ryan was not in the shop, Jason was still lying on the floor on top of his sleeping bag. I sat up to wipe the sleep out of my eyes, and focus. I had to pee again, so I svens bbs nude got up to take care of that chore. I came back into the shop, walked over to Jason, and gently shook him."Jason, friend," I said, "wake up."I could just barely see his eyes, there in the shadows. They were open wide. He let out a gasp of surprise and jumped. I felt bad about touching him. I'm sure that frightened him a little. I should have just shaken his sleeping bag, rather than touch him. I'll know next time."It's ok, friend," I said. "It's just me, Charles. Take it easy."I pulled his shoulders up to me and hugged him tightly. Jason Immediately relaxed."Where's Ryan?" Jason said."I don't know," I said. "He wasn't here when I woke up. Do you suppose he went into town?"By himself, too. I'll have to instill the theory of togetherness in the boys."Yeah, I guess," Jason said.I rubbed his back, while continuing to hold him. He had gotten over the initial shock of me touching him. I let him go and stood up to look around. Jason stood up and latched onto my arm. I took my arm and put it around his shoulder, and held him close. My hand slipped down to his little butt, and patted it. My middle finger resting along his crevasse. Even through his clothes, his butt felt firm, with bbs nude kids a deep crevasse."Are you ok, friend?" I said."Uh huh," Jason said.Jason was feeling alone without his friend, Ryan. He needed to hold onto me. I didn't mind. It made me think long and hard. I had to level with the kids, as to where I came from. The timing was not right, but just the love from Jason, made me start to think, anyway. I replaced my hand on his shoulder and pulled him against me. Jason placed his hand around my waist. We walked outside in the moonlight as one, and looked around the building in the fresh air. I couldn't see much in the dark on the other side of the shop, but I made the best of the moment, holding my new-found friend, Jason. Don't get me wrong, now. I have the same feeling for Ryan, it's just that he's not here, and Jason is so alone. Speaking of that, I'm beginning to worry about the little bugger. Where is Ryan?Jason and I went back into the shop. I walked over to my platform and had him step up on it. I remained on the floor of the shop. A trickle of moonlight shown through the open door onto Jason's angelic face. The difference in height between the platform and the shop floor, put his face equal to mine. I looked into his coal black eyes, trying to see what was going on beyond them. I hugged Jason to me. One hand was resting on his butt, the other, was at the back of his head. Our lips met. I kissed him hard. Jason threw his arms around me to pull us together, even closer. I inched my tongue through my lips and touched his. He opened his mouth slightly to let me enter his oral cavity. When our tongue's touched, I could feel my penis getting extra hard. There was a stir in Jason's pelvic area. His little, uncut, hard penis was pressing against my abdomen.I wanted to rip our respective clothes off and lie down in my sleeping bag with Jason. I wanted Jason to fuck me. I wanted to lay my ultra hard penis deep inside Jason's crevasse so he could relieve me of my Life Force, that was about to erupt at any minute. I wanted to relieve him of his Life Force, in return.Out of respect for Ryan, I didn't do any of those things. Our respective chance, for that sort of thing, would come up soon enough. The most important problem now, was the fact that Ryan had not returned.I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and broke the trance-like, passionate kiss with Jason. I know what had been going through my mind, but what had been going through this poor, love starved, child's mind? I kissed him on the neck and released my hold on him, saying,"We ought to go look for Ryan. Do you know where he might be?"About that time, I heard the sound of an owl. Owl? Where would an owl come from, here in this barren land?"There he is, now," Jason said.Jason went over to the door and returned a similar sound towards the open field. I caught a glint of white from Ryan's uniform in the moonlight, and he was in the doorway the next second. Jason and I let out a big sigh of relief.Ryan was holding a bundle of clothing, Jason brought one of the lamps over. The clothes were silver in color."Here are your clothes to wear in town, Charles," said Ryan.G-Damn. Another reflective color, silver. Doesn't anybody wear black around here? Geese.. "they" don't want anybody to hide, do "they"? ------------------------------------- \|/ \|/ CHAPTER - 6 \|/ \|/ The clothes were designed similar to the clothes Ryan and Jason had on, except silver in color. There were boots to match. All I needed was a skull cap, and I would look like something out of the "Buck Rogers" movies of long ago.The boys could see the wheels turning in my head. So Jason began to tell me the symbolism behind the silver clothes."The silver shows the scanners that you are a teacher. Our white tells them we are students. This way, you won't give them a reason to look for your number if they see us with you."Jason continued, on and on, about the system, the colors, the numbers, etc. I still didn't understand any of it, but he reminded me of the number. Apparently, it is important."Speaking of number," I said, "how do I get by without one?."Oh," Ryan said, "I've got one right here."Ryan pulled a metallic-looking strip of plastic out of a black plastic bag he was holding. The strip was clear, but it had the same series of lines that the kids had on their wrist."Hold out your left arm," Ryan said.He took the plastic strip and pulled a type of backing off of it. Jason brought one of the lanterns over and snapped it on, bathing my arm in an eerie fluorescent light."This may hurt a little," Ryan said approaching my outstretched arm, but it won't hurt long.AAAUUUGGGGG! Jesus! It hurt like shit. I let Ryan know too. The strip had some kind of acid on it. When Young teen models bbs it came in contact with my skin. I was so shocked, that I didn't attempt to rip it off. I was disoriented, briefly. The pain, the pain, oh shit, the pain.After the pain subsided, I looked down at my left wrist. There, secured flush with the first layer of skin, was "my number", just like Ryan's and Jason's."Hurt a little?" I said. "You little twerp."Both boys laughed at my use of the word twerp. I realized the situation. Everything was necessary, even some pain. I smoothed it over in such a way that Ryan and Jason knew I really wasn't angry. Jason had another lined strip of thin material the same color as the uniform in his hand. He took the silver colored uniform and placed the lined strip of material across the left shoulder directly over the original stripes. These stripes matched those in my wrist. The moon was brighter and higher in the sky, and full. I guessed it to be close to midnight. I asked the boys if there was anything we could accomplish tonight. If what they were saying was true, the "establishment" would have some kind of curfew or restrictions. Some one out at this time of night, better have a good reason."What next, my friends," I said.Ryan pulled two containers from within the bundle of clothes and opened it."Here, you must pictures kds bbs messages be a little hungry," he said.That was an understatement. I looked at the contents of the container. It had individually wrapped items in the shape of a sandwich and some candy bars. Yes candy bars. To be exact, chocolate candy bars, with a brand name of Mars. Mars candy bars, still here after all these years. The other container was aluminum-looking, and contained some nondescript soda."Where did this number strip come from?" I said pointing to my arm."The birthing room in the dispensary, now has one out of sequence," Ryan said."Birthing room?" I thought to myself "What the hell?""You mean it is an un-registered number...It's just as dangerous as your's. The scanners go nuts when they scan you, and now I have a number that hasn't been issued yet. Hmmmm, that's going to keep em busy for a while."We all chuckled at the situation."You haven't told me everything. Who should I see in town?" I teen young bbs said. "Who is the enemy and who are our friends?""We will," Ryan said. "Eat first and we'll talk."I suggested that Jason save the power source in his lantern and pulled up a cinder block close to the door, sat down and ate while illuminated by the beam of the high full moon. After I ate, Jason closed the door, turned on the light again, and both boys helped me into my new clothes. It felt strange, because it was one piece. There was some kind lola list bbs of fastening 16yo teen bbs device on one side, from the left foot up to the left arm cuff. Once you stepped in, the fastener was closed and the whole uniform appeared seamless. It fit a little snug to my liking, but the boots were perfect. I guess some poor slob in town is naked right now."Do you think we should attempt anything tonight, boys?" I said.Jason spoke up first."We should get some rest and plan it out in the morning. Then we can go out in the evening."I thought this was a waste of time myself, but I enjoyed looking at, and being around the boys. kids pantyhose bbs It didn't suit my purpose to stay in the old work shed. I wouldn't learn anything about 2090 A.D. However, the boys seem to have a problem, and their safety is primary. If we had to stay here a few hours more, so be it.My platform was twenty feet in diameter. The control console was along one edge. All power was off and no sound could be heard for the electronics. I straightened my sleeping bag out on the floor of the platform. There was enough room for the two boys to put their's down here, also. It was about ten inches off the cold, hard, cement floor. I suggested this to the kids."Come on, guys. The floor of this thing has to be better than that cement."It took about two seconds for me to hear the boys scrambling to get their sleeping bags and bring them over the platform. Ryan placed his to the right of mine, and Jason put his on the left. It was time for sleep, so I un-fastened the uniform, stepped out of it, laid it over the rail around the platform, got into the sleeping bag, with just my underpants on. The boys emulated me and gave me a chance to see them almost naked, again. Jason turned out the light, and we all settled into peaceful sleep.Something woke me a few hours later. The moon had gone back around the other side of the work shed and was shining through one of the cracks in the siding. It must have been about three in the morning. Whatever it was, must not have been much, because I subconsciously said "the hell with it,"and got comfortable again. Jason had scooted his sleeping bag over close to me during the night. I reached over and ran my fingers through his hair. He